A Choice of the Heart

The most powerful coherent energy on the planet (throughout the multiverse) is the intelligence of love issuing from the Central Sun and conducted by Spirit to all dimensions of existence. The heart is the hub in the grand network of souls who are incarnated, regardless of space or time. You, as an individual, can choose to be connected to this network, conducting the coherent energy that it operates on, or you can choose not to. That’s what I mean when I say it is not complicated. Indeed, it is a simple choice.

For those of you who want to express other aspects of your innermost spiritual work, I encourage you to do so, especially if it assists you in developing this heart intelligence connection and equivalent expression. The single most important thing we can do is to practice the heart’s intelligence in our everyday, moment-to-moment expressions. When this is done, you are truly aligned to this mission of helping the planetary shift.

Choose to be a filament of coherent energy, a hub of heart intelligence that expresses itself in your everyday encounters. The planet, in a real sense, depends on our choice in this specific matter. The dimensional shift is arriving with increasing clarity. It is beginning to rumble and weave. Now is the time for each of us to make this choice consciously and to live it consciously. This is our time.

The fundamental frequency of expression that issues from First Source—using our language to describe it—is appreciation of life in all its forms with a love that is absent of condition or judgment. This is a classification of love that operates in the knowledge of the largest, most encompassing dimension of existence. It is therefore of the highest intelligence because it understands the purposeful unfolding of life in all dimensions in the outgoing breath of time.

The frequency of this love is stepped down as it enters the dimensions of time, space and matter. It connects with great care to the individual energetically at the point of the heart. This is why the heart develops in the fetus before the brain; it literally informs the life force of the human instrument, preparing it to receive the soul consciousness. When the soul moves within the fetus or infant (it can do both, depending on circumstances I won’t attempt to explain here), it moves through this channel forged by the heart. It establishes this connection with Source Intelligence—essentially from heart to soul to Spirit to First Source. 

This is the underpinning of the human instrument. It is the energetic umbilical cord that nurtures the sense of connection we feel to one another and to our Creator.